Dog and owner

How to maintain a strong bond with your pooch.

We all know our pooches are our best friends, but lets face it life in 2022 is busy! After the pandemic every one feels like they have missed so much and we are all making up for lost times and trips!                                                                  

Sometimes that one on on time with our pooch can get lost in the routine. So we have put some self care tips together for you and your dog to keep that bond strong.

 Play dates 

One on one playtime every day is so important! This can get lost in a busy schedule but even 30  minutes of play a day, put your phone, laptop and everything down and dedicate that time to bond and give your dog 100% attention, a game of tug of war or a little training can go a long way. This gives your dog structure, they will love you for it and its also good to release them feel good hormones for you and switch off from a busy life.


Besties that train together….

We all know its important dogs get exercise every day but this is also important for you, so make sure when your walking or running with your dog you are communicating with them and not rushing around. Communicating with your dogs when out and about and letting them know when they are behaving well, not only does this strengthen your bond, it also stimulates their mind and improves obedience.


Nap time!

Netflix and chill? Napping with your dog is just as important as playing, it helps build trust between you and your best friend, even if its cuddling on the sofa watching your fave series while your dog naps on your knee or squishes up to you. I mean who doesn’t love this !


Know your dogs vibe

Knowing your dogs body language and their likes and dislikes, makes your life together a much more happy and positive one. If you understand when your dog is scared, not well or over aroused you can help your bestie in the best way possible and help them feel safe and understood.

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