Dog Accessory disclaimer

Dog Accessory Disclaimer  

NO DOG ACCESSORY is indestructible. It is the customers responsibility to determine the suitability of the product for their pet.

Our Dog accessories have been strength tested and also practicality tested for 6 months on a variety of dog types/breeds and are suitable and sturdy for every day use however we do not recommend our products for dogs with behaviour issues or dogs which rub and scratch their harness. As our products are designed based on practicality but also for the aesthetic we wouldn't recommend using for long muddy and more off road walking. Our products are suitable for domestic dogs.

We do not refund or replace for general wear and tear of a product, only genuine faults will be resolved after the product is returned for inspection. We do not guarantee any protection from our items and owners are responsible for any damage created to the products from misuse, or damage created by your dog on walks or from unsafe storage of products. 

Owners must ensure they have purchased the correct size for their dog by using the size guides available. We are not responsible for the incorrect size being purchased, Dogs should be measured by neck and chest to ensure suitability. 

We do not recommend our harnesses for dogs which are known to their owners for rolling, scratching and rubbing accessories.

Our harnesses and leads are strength tested and the harness is non restrictive and does not prevent shoulder movement.